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Personal Data :

Name and Surname: Mohammad Saleh Tayebnia

PhD. In Philosophy; Tarbiat Modarres University of Tehran

Assistant Professor in the faculty of Theology and Ahl al-Bait (Prophet's Descendants) Studies University of Isfahan

Executive Responsibilities

Faculty member of Isfahan University (2014 present)

Minister delegate to the Minister of Science, Research and Technology in the board of trustees of the non-profit non-governmental Isfahan Allameh Majlesi institution for higher education in Quran and Hadith Studies

Isfahan University representative in Co-operation meetings between Isfahan University and Mobarakeh Steel Company (2018 present)

Head of Ala Research Centre: "Modern Studies on Waqf and Charity" (2016 present)

President of the national conferences on the Lasting Charity (2014 present)

Special Advisor to the president of Isfahan University in donors' relations (2015 present)

Member of scientific committee of the first national conference on "Donation to Science and Technology" (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, 2016)

Scientific secretary at the first national conference on Ahl al-Bait and the Contemporary Cultural Doctrines on the subject of Family System from the Perspective of Ahl al-Bait (peace be upon them) (2015)

Managing director and a member of the board of directors at charitable foundation of ALa (2012)

Managing director and a member of the board of directors at Promoting Centre for Alavi Thoughts and Conduct (2000 present)

Cultural advisor to the president of Isfahan University of Technology and a member of cultural committee at the university (2005-2009)

Cultural affairs and extracurricular activities director at Isfahan University of Technology (2005-2007)

Executive director at the president office and public affairs and communication at Isfahan University of Technology (2006 2011)




Social modeling (familiarity with the knowledge of modeling and some commonly used methods for solving complex problems of the new era)-2023

To the Power of Iran; An Introduction to Charity in Iran: Challenges and Solutions

Live Wave: Think-tank and Its Effects on Valuing Family

Scientific editing and the introduction to: Charity in Islamic Societies

A Step Towards God: A Religious -Philosophical Study the Relation between Self-Knowledge and Theology

How to Achieve Success in Life

Best Choice: A Step towards Knowing Oneself and Spouse Selection


"Analysis of the family governance system in the Islamic Republic of Iran using the Mana system model"-(Women Strategic Studies-2023)

"Regional Governance of Charities: A Cooperation Strategy between Middle East States under Uncertainty"-(International Studies Journal-2022)

"Selection of the Institution in Charge of the Family ; Governance System in the Islamic Republic of Iran"(Scientific Jornal of The Women and Families Cultural Education-2022)

"The Concept of Spiritual Health and Its Aspects in Quran and Islamic Tradition"

"The Effect of Believing in God on One's Moral Purification from the Perspective of Nahj ol-Balaqah"

"Analysing the Conflict of the Corporeal Origin of the Soul and the Creation of Souls before Bodies based on Quran and Islamic Narrations"

"Investigating the Effective Factors in the Women's Participation in Voluntary and Benevolent Activities"

"The Role of Difficulties and Troubles in the Moral Education in the Point of View of Nahj ol-Balaqah"

"Conceptual Pattern of Anger Management Based on the Four Steps Success Technique with Emphasis on Quran and Narrations of Infallibles (Peace be Upon them)"

"Effective Factors in the Role of the Rich on Changing the Social Norms with Emphasis on Nahj ol-Balaqah"

"Investigating the Role of Alavi's Conduct in Protecting Adolescents from Cyber Threats by their Family"

"Analysing the Present Situation of Charitable Actions in Iran"

"The Difference between Aristotle and Ibn-Sina's Approaches in Their Argument for the Existence of God"

"The Correlation of Self-knowledge and Theology from the Perspective of Mohy o-Din Arabi and Allameh Tabatabie"

"From Philosophical Question to Questionning Philosophy"

"Investigating the Role of Charities in the Development of the Top Universities: Proposing Framework for Action in Iran" (Co-authored with Dr. Hossein Seyyedi(

Research Projects

Research project manager of "Structural Analysis of the Best Charitable Organizations of Iran and the World" (2017-2018(

Scientific supervisor in writing the book "Fundraising for Social Problems" (2016-2017(

Scientific Supervisor of "Regulations and Legislations affecting Charitable Actions" (2018 present(

"Project manager of Developing a Strategic Plan for Ala Mentoring Foundation and Its Subsidiaries" (2013 2014(

Comprehensive project of cultural engineering at Isfahan University of Technology (2008-2009(

Developing Cultural atlas of Isfahan City funded by the Directorate of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Isfahan Province (2006(

"Developing government's general policies to promote family values" funded by Expediency Discernment Council (2003-2004(

"Developing government's general policies about the relations between clergymen and the ordinary people" funded by Expediency Discernment Council (2003-2004(

"Creating cultural wave and how to transform values into behaviors in the society" funded by Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution (2004-2005(

Dissertations :

"Analysing the Educational Role of Sermons and Lessons in Nahj ol-Balaqah" (Master's degree, advisor)

"Typology and Analysis of Commentary Narrations on the Verses 106-120 of the Surah Al-An'am " (Master's degree, supervisor(

"Stages of Certainty in Faith and the Path to It in the Point of View of Quran and Nahj ol-Balaqa" (Master's degree, supervisor(

"Investigating the Effective Factors on the Islamic-Iranian Life Style of the Members of Islamic Association of Students at Isfahan University and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences" (Master's degree, advisor) at "Developing a Pattern for Self-Leardership Using the Principles of Islamic Teachings with Emphasis on Nahj ol-Balaqah" (PhD. thesis, advisor)

"Methods of Preventing and Countering Economical Corruption of the Administrators of Islamic State in Imam Ali's Governement" (Master's__ degree, supervisor)

"Modals of Ethical Principles from the Perspective of Misbah Yazdi" (Master's degree, advisor)

"Education and Training in the Thoughts of Hahim Zakaria Razi" (Master's degree, advisor)

"Close Examination of Commentaries and Translations of the First Half of the 83th Qutbah of Nahj ol-Balaqah" (Master's degree, supervisor)

"Comparative Investigation of Commentaries and Translations of the Qutbahs 16 and 30 of Nahj ol-Balaqah" (Master's degree, supervisor)

Educational Workshops

Exploring the interactions between charity fields and production of knowledge

Explaining the status and necessity of charity knowledge (Togather with Mr. Qulam Reza A'avani; the Everlasting Face and a member Academy of Sciences of Islamic Republic of Iran)

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the necessity of evolution

Knowledge-based charitable foundations in Iran: the experience of Ala Foundation (political and social section of Governments and Policy Studies' Think-tank at Sharrif University of Tehran)

A course on teaching and promoting spiritual health; the role of Hawzah and university (the Academy of Medical Sciences)

Explaining the characteristics of a health family from the perspective of Queran and Ahl ol-Bait (Peace be upon them) (Isfahan University)

Islamic family and the Internet: The basics and strategic methods

Modern Waqf; domains and approaches (Owqaf and Charity Organization)

Exploring Islamic bond in human science (several courses)

Methodology and writing skills of the scientific essays (several courses Isfahan University students)

Programming the leisure time of students in dormitories (Special task of cultural experts of universities and higher educational centres_ Shiraz 2010)

Audience Identification and cultural-social planning at universities (Special task of cultural experts of universities and higher educational centres_Tabriz 2011)

Cultural engineering with regard to cultural planning in Universities

An introduction to Ibrahimic religions